A day late and a blog short…

You might say that I’m playing copycat here.  You might also say that it’s about time.  Further, if you’re really feeling snarky you might say For the LOVE of PETE, isn’t it enough that you already have two active blogs, several near dead blogs and serve as a commentator on a travel blog?

You might be right, but I’m not telling to whom I’m speaking.

My childhood friend Amy recently rolled out a new book blog called Eat, Sleep, Read, and has inspired me to do the same, mainly because we don’t tend to always read the same things AND, as a bookseller, I need practice in both writing reviews and being able to talk about the books I’ve read intelligently.  It seems that I also need to work on shortening my sentences.  Yikes!

I’m also inspired by Jules, who is currently writing for 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast, a children’s book blog and a general mecca for all things lovely, fun, and just plain cool.  (eisha, I’m thinking of you too, when I think of 7Imp.)

I hope that you’ll find your next favorite book here or at the least some good discussion about your least favorite!  Welcome to Well Read.

1 thought on “A day late and a blog short…

  1. I’m flattered to be an inspiration. I’m primarily focused on picture books/illustration these days, and I’ve found it’s much less crazy-making to have a sort of niche like that. But it’s also not like I did it on purpose. Picture books are my favorite thing ever anyway.

    Happy blawging!

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