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Welcome to Well Read, my journey toward becoming a better author by becoming a better reader.

I’m an American ex-pat currently living in West Yorkshire, England.  I currently run two other blogs, Isn’t the Lettuce Brave and NERDA’s World (ASL Vlog), and am a regular contributor to Touring Old Blighty, a United Kingdom travel blog.  In addition to my blog writing, I have also published a few books about my greyhounds as well as my travels in the UK, all of which can be found on

Editing. Bane of my existence.

I am no longer an expat, having returned to the United States in May of 2011. My quest to become a better writer has continued, but this blog was sadly neglected…until now. I still maintain Isn’t the Lettuce Brave? as well as Our Daily Bryn (a blog about life with a Giant Muppet), but sadly the other two have gone by the wayside. Most of my books are available on Amazon, but there are still a few (e.g. the photo book mentioned above, Totally Knackered: Two Weeks in Yorkshire) that are available on Lulu.

I hope that through my reviews of books I’ve read (and guest reviews from my other Well Read friends and family) you’ll find your next favorite book or author and that you will join in the discussion of the books that help you become Well Read!

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